Our Offerings


This summer “Leadership Summer Camp programs” especially designed for Kindergarten to 5th grade kids, (1-2 Hrs/week) leadership mentoring and training.

• Kids learn cognitive strategies to succeed in life by being emotionally Intelligent & mindful leaders (Topics covered: Meditation, Emotional Intelligence, Collaboration, Cultural intelligence, Empathy, Ethical Mindset)

• Kids practice effective Presentation skills (Topics Covered: Verbal & Non-Verbal communication, Body language, Tone, Voice, Pitch, Planning and presenting to an audience)

Interested? Please contact: info@leaderkidacademy.org

Pre-School Leadership Boot Camps


LeaderKid Academy offers 10-12 Week leadership boot camps at leading Pre-Schools.
These boot camps are designed to engage Pre-Schoolers and focus on developing essential cognitive skills like manners, being assertive, speaking up, emotional intelligence, and presentation skills.

Our curriculum is aligned with the NJ State standards for social and emotional development and prepare our little leaders entering school.

If you are a parent or a Pre-school looking to add our programs at your pre-school, Please ask the Center Director to get in touch or let us know and we can work with them.

Interested? Please contact: info@leaderkidacademy.org

Elementary After School Enrichment Clubs


LeaderKid Academy offers a Six to Eight weeks of fun & mindful mini “Leadership boot camps” via after-school enrichment clubs at several public schools.

Our sessions begin with mindful meditation, followed by an overview of the topic to help kids interpret and understand, followed with fun activities related to the topic which help kids make a connection to their daily lives.

LeaderKid Academy activities are designed by leading educators and organizational leadership experts to drive intrinsic learning and cognition enhancing techniques. Our sessions close with a demonstration of the learning to ensure kids can effectively internalize and use the newly learned tools and strategies to be a good leader.

Interested? Please contact: info@leaderkidacademy.org