Our Story

Our founders Preeti & Rishi, are passionate about the human interactions that occur all around us. When they had children of their own; providing them with the right values, the right attitude, grooming them with essential soft skills, and character to develop a moral compass that not only helps them deal with life but also pushes them to make this world a better place, became their central focus.

However, as they embarked on this very complex journey they quickly (like many parents) realized that carving out time from academic needs to invest in teaching leadership and social skills to their young ones was a huge challenge. As they looked around they realized something else that was wrong with the picture:

  • Education today is mainly focused on academics and standardized testing.
  • Parents and educators are either not sufficiently equipped or are unable to devote exclusive time to help children develop these critical skills.

Preeti & Rishi founded ‘LeaderKid Academy’ in 2015 to enable children & youth to gain a sense of connectedness to global situations, people, & environment where they can be positioned to effectively collaborate in this highly complex and global world. They believe that with a high sense of confidence, empathy, positive mindset & integrity to lead with passion, these leaders of tomorrow will be encouraged to “Create a better tomorrow for all”

With a formal education in Psychology & Organizational Leadership, and over 40 years of combined professional experience in human resources and influential corporate leadership, they set on a path to address the gaps that most families aren’t able to fill. The “Leadership Persona Model” was an outcome of years of research and works of leading developmental psychologists and organizational leadership experts. This model provides a framework of key skills that helps prepare our kids for skills that are a need of the future. The program also aligns with the local state educational standards to promote a healthy leadership development in kids.

Our “Leadership Persona Model” focuses on the following ten key areas to develop a well-balanced leadership persona:

  • Ethical mindset
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Assertive behavior
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change-Management
  • Project Management
  • Resilience & Perseverance
  • Creativity & Innovation

We are excited that after many years of thought, pondering and research, our founder’s passion for children is finally taking shape in the form of a real actionable change.

We look forward to traveling this leadership journey to empower and unleash the leader in your kid.

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